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Category: Of Astral and Umbral

Of Astral and Umbral

Avrirsa, a world of gods and magick, was plunged into chaos when a rift formed between the Elder Gods. In their arrogance, they murdered dozens of children who were candidates to become the ‘God of Balance’. In the wake of the massacre, Nalithor Vraelimir, a prideful prince, was selected for the position. However, Nalithor has his own agenda.

Elsewhere on Avrirsa, an Umbral Mage known as Arianna Jade Black fights to save her people. Despite her efforts to protect them she is ostracized for her affinity with darkness. With shattered memories and few confidants, Arianna begins to question her and her brother’s true origins.

A chance encounter between these two souls may change both their destinies, and possibly the very history of Avrirsa itself.


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