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Chapter Sixty-Four: Take Control

Posted in Book Three, and Of Astral and Umbral

Chapter Sixty-Four: Take Control


“Mmm…” I groaned and attempted to shift in bed but weight atop my torso and something smooth fastened around my cock kept me in place. A shudder passed through me when I opened my eyes to find a nude Arianna straddling my stomach, her hands against my chest and her tail coiled around me. The sight of her pale skin, full breasts, and perked nipples sent a rush of excitement coursing through me. “Just what is my ayraziis plotting?”

“Finally awake?” Arianna slid her hands down my torso. I suppressed another groan when she tightened her grip on my shaft. Her mouth curved into a devious smile when her eyes locked with mine. “I got impatient so I decided to make a game out of waking you up.”

She loosened her grip just enough to allow her to lean forward and press her plush lips to mine. Her soft warmth made my heart soar but it wasn’t long before her lips left mine, leaving me craving their return. I slid my hands up her thighs and watched her shiver, her tail twitching around my length. At first glance I thought it was hunger I saw in her eyes, but I quickly realized it was something else. Something far more appealing than mere hunger.

“You’re covered in scratches,” I murmured, tracing my fingers down her throat and then along her collarbone.

Her skin was stained with blood near some of the wounds. A closer glance revealed several sets of puncture wounds on her throat and breasts. From my fangs. A low growl rumbled in my throat as I slid one arm under her rump and lifted her so that I could sit up. She kept her tail in place, sending a shock of pleasure through me.

“You look like you want something,” Arianna teased, bringing her mouth close to mine.

“As do you.” I examined her in silence for a moment, keeping her just out of reach. “I wasn’t expecting you to wake first… Are you alright?”

Despite my growing desire for her I couldn’t help but be concerned. Never before had I seen something terrify her to the point of fully withdrawing into her own mind. I remembered nothing of what happened after finishing the purification of Yiltanys’ domain. However, a brief glance at our surroundings was more than enough to reveal that I had been successful.

Which left me with only questions about my ayraziis’ wellbeing.

“Mmm?” Arianna paused and tilted her head, thinking for a moment before her eyes flashed with recognition. “I’ll be better after we’ve gotten to indulge in each other. Though, by the state we’re both in, I think we may have done that a few times already.”

“The state we’re both…? Nnngh.” I couldn’t stop myself from groaning when she pressed her tongue to a wound on my throat. The sensation brought the lingering sting of countless similar wounds all over my body to my attention. Most of which were on my back, shoulders, and chest. I wove my fingers into her hair and pulled her head back from my throat. “Answer me, Arianna.”

“About what?” Arianna trailed her fingers down my torso and leaned forward for another kiss, but I pulled her hair back to keep her out of reach.

“Are you alright?” I repeated, examining her face for answers. Clarity had returned to her gaze and I sensed no lingering fear from her despite the shine of light peeking in from the edges of the curtains.

“I’m quite fine.” She pouted and went to remove her tail, but she stopped when the sensation drew a shuddering gasp from me. “Mmm? I thought you wanted me to stop, but that certainly doesn’t sound like it.”

‘This woman is going to drive me insane.’ I released her hair and watched her as she shifted to wrap her arms around my neck. “Then what do you want, Arianna? Food? Pleasure?”

You,” she whispered against my lips before closing the distance between us again.

Me. Her declaration stunned me for but a moment before I met her passion with mine. I slipped a hand behind her back and tugged at her tail, indicating for her to loosen it, but instead she slid one hand down between us and gripped my base. Her lips parting against mine and a teasing flick of her tongue was an invitation I couldn’t deny.

‘More…’ A moan escaped me when I tasted her sweetness. I ached to bury myself in her and force sounds of pleasure from her plush lips but she shifted to keep me from pinning her to the bed beneath me.

“You always do all the work,” Arianna murmured, just barely withdrawing from my mouth. She trailed one hand down my throat and chest while looking at me with an innocence that matched nothing she was doing. “I want to learn how to please you.”

“And when you’re about to pass out from pleasure?” I smirked at her.

“My self-control isn’t that bad!”

“Yet you can barely think when I do this,” I whispered by her ear before nuzzling into her throat and slipping a hand between her legs. Her legs twitched and a gasp escaped her but, to her credit, she attempted to resist. She released a half-hearted growl and dug her claws into my chest, settling a flushed glare on me when I withdrew.

I would have her give in to me soon enough. She wouldn’t be able to ignore her arousal for long. Not when she was excited to the point that she was dripping down her thighs. Despite her chastising glare I continued to slowly caress her folds, watching as she bit her lower lip hard enough to draw blood.

“I’ll never learn to control myself if you’re always—”I cut her off with a kiss. I savored the taste of her blood and soon added my own to the mix, eliciting a whimper from her.

“I don’t recall giving you permission to withdraw your tail,” I informed her, remaining still as she kissed the bloodied edges of my mouth. She paused to look up at me, her brilliant eyes filled with desire.

“Well, I did have something else in mind,” she spoke with a mischievous smile.

“You’re cute when you try to take control.” I hooked a finger under her collar and pulled her closer, watching her face redden. My other hand shifted to grab her round ass, squeezing her toward me. “Give me a reason to indulge you.”

“A reason? Ahhh!” Arianna stiffened, her lips parted, when I firmly gripped the base of her tail. Her hands twitched, claws digging into my shoulders.

‘That’s a good start…’ I mused to myself as I watched her shiver. “Tell me what you want.”

“I already said what I want—you.” She shot me a mildly baffled look, earning her a chuckle.

“Not quite what I meant, my dear.” I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers briefly. When I withdrew a smirk settled onto my face once more. Even such a brief kiss was almost enough to make her lose control. She seemed eager to learn some semblance of control, perhaps to please me, but I enjoyed making her lose every scrap of it. “What is it you want to do to give me pleasure?”

“I want to ride you,” Arianna murmured, trailing the tip of her tail up the length of my dick. A small smile crossed her face as she watched me for a reaction. “That didn’t sound like a no.”

“You think you can control me when you can’t even control yourself?” I drew my claws down her throat, feeling her racing pulse beneath my fingertips. When she shook her head I smiled with amusement. ‘I’ll break her out of this bashfulness eventually…’

“I know better than to think I control you—and I don’t want to.” She tilted her head slightly to reveal more of her throat to me. “You’ll grow bored of me if you’re doing all the work, and I don’t want that. So…”

“You’re adorable,” I informed her, smiling. For a moment, I considered what she had said and what she wanted. “I doubt I could ever grow tired of you, my dear. I do, however, want the chance to savor you. Every time I’ve had you, one of us has been starved. We’ve given in to our hungers, made frantic love…

“I’ll indulge your request, but I will control the pace.”

“But—” Arianna started to protest but I placed a finger over her lips.

“No arguments.” I trailed both hands down to her hips and gave her a suggestive look. “Do you think you can handle me from that angle?”

“Handle…?” Arianna flushed and scoffed, leaning toward me. “You know, coming from anyone else I would question if they’re being far too arrogant.”

“That isn’t an answer.” I chuckled at her.

“If it doesn’t then I’ll just make it fit!” she snapped, flushing darker.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” I closed the distance to give her a brief kiss. ‘Not enough…’

Arianna must have been thinking the same thing. Before I could kiss her again, her mouth met mine and her arms wrapped around my neck again. The passion in her kiss lured me in, urging me to give in to my desire. She whimpered when I nibbled at her lower lip, drawing her tight against me.

Her tail coiled around my shaft again as she shifted it into place, pressing the tip against her hot folds. When a moan of anticipation escaped me I felt Arianna twitch against me. She slid the first few inches inside slowly, eliciting a gasp from me that broke our kiss. Her mouth moved to my earlobe and then the side of my neck, lavishing me with her attentions as she took more of me inside her.

That tight, blazing pressure threatened to tempt me into losing all manner of control over myself. I wanted to bury myself in her and ravage her until she passed out of exhaustion. Growling, I bared my fangs and forced myself to refocus. Such indulgences could wait for another time. For now, I would take it slow—and make certain she did the same.

I dug my fingers into her skin and pulled her hips down against me, startling a breathy moan from her lips. Her back arched slightly and her claws dug into the back of my shoulders. I stopped and held her in place when I felt her twitching around me. She shot me a frustrated look but I just chuckled and leaned forward to flick my tongue against her lips.

“I can’t move if you’re holding me so tight.” Arianna placed her palms against my chest and pressed gently until I obliged her.

Once I was sprawled out beneath Arianna, she paused with parted lips and stared at me. The desire that shone in her eyes convinced me to loosen my grip on her hips and rest my hands on her thighs instead. I couldn’t deny my ayraziis what she wanted when she gave me such a look of pure longing.

The movement of her hips started out tentative but didn’t remain that way for long. She bit her lower lip, half smirking, and gave me a devilish look that caused my heart to skip a beat. With no other warning, she tightened her vagina around my length like a vice. My back arched and a gasping groan left me as I forgot to think. Her tail coiled around what she could find of mine and tugged on it firmly, forcing my attention back to her.

I watched, entranced, as she slowly rode my cock. The slight bounce of her breasts, the seductive rotation of her hips, and the way her body clung to my shaft. Every little delicious detail was mine to indulge in and mine alone. She lifted herself up until only the head of my penis remained within her, then clenched down on me again. Arianna took her time lowering herself onto me, refusing to loosen her grip. Her grip twitched tighter and her body visibly shuddered when I moaned and writhed beneath her.

My claws dug into her thighs as I pulled her down faster, desperate to bury myself fully within her again. I coiled my tail around her hips and slid it over her clit, earning a shuddering whimper from her. If our time together was going to turn into a competition of madness, I would see to it that she lost.

I pulled myself into a sitting position and drew Arianna into a deep kiss before she could attempt to resist my plans for her. She didn’t even hesitate to give in to me, allowing my tongue to delve past her lips to tease hers. Withdrawing, I nuzzled into her throat and pulled her hips sharply against mine. Her body shuddered against mine but she needed no further encouragement to quicken her pace.

Just as she began to settle into a rhythm I smirked and thrust my hips upwards into hers. She growled at me and dug her claws into my shoulders hard enough to draw blood. It was her loss. The sight of blood trickling down my skin captivated her and, within seconds, she had pressed her tongue to the wounds.

“Mmm, what happened to giving me pleasure, Arianna?” I gripped her hair and pulled her back. Her lustful gaze met mine but she didn’t say anything. Her body trembled against mine, consumed with excitement. Watching her control deteriorate by the second drew me to toy with her more. “You’re not done already, are you? I haven’t heard nearly enough of your sweet cries yet…”

I gripped her firmly by the jaw and shifted her head to reveal a long stretch of her succulent throat. She whimpered with anticipation, her vagina convulsing around my shaft, as I drew my fangs against her throat. Instead of biting her, I traced the weakest part of her throat with my tongue and listened to her attempt to stifle herself. Every nerve was alight with unadulterated desire.

Smirking, I settled back on the bed without biting her and gave her rump a firm enough smack that she bucked her hips in response. Her claws bit into my abdomen but her attempt at a glare lost against her excitement.

“You wanted to give me pleasure, did you not?” I inquired with mock-innocence, gripping one of her ass cheeks firmly in one hand again. “Then show me what you’re capable of. I know you’re holding out on me, and it is unnecessary. I intend to take you— Nnngh!”

Arianna wove her tail around mine and took every inch of me into her, giving me a brief but firm squeeze. She didn’t give me time to recover before adopting a quicker, needier pace than she had previously. Her skin slapped against mine, our breaths coming in increasingly ragged gasps. Whenever I did something to break her rhythm, she countered with sensations that made it feel like she intended to squeeze every last drop out of me.

Our sounds of pleasure spurred the other on but I refused to lose to her. Arianna’s moans reached a fever pitch as she threw her head back and her body shuddered against mine. She reflexively began to draw away from the intensity but I wasn’t having any of that. I pulled her down against me fully, ripping a scream of pleasure from that plush mouth of hers. She writhed on top of me but I refused to let her go. I watched her with a predatory smirk as she attempted to recover from the continuing sensations coursing through her.

Before Arianna could catch her breath I snuck my tail further between her legs and pressed it against her entrance alongside my cock. Her claws tore into my chest, a second delicious scream escaping her as my tail plunged into her. I restrained myself, only sliding a few thinner inches in, but I was well rewarded for my actions.

Arianna’s body gave in to me yet again, nearly collapsing on top of me as her muscles convulsed around the full length of my shaft. Her desperate, unintelligible whimpering and begging lit a fire within me. I rolled her onto her back and shifted myself to penetrate her at a deeper angle, one of my hands wrapping around her throat. I thrust into with all my strength, watching the last scraps of her composure melt away.

I gave her throat a firm squeeze, briefly cutting off her desperate, breathy moans. A shudder of anticipation shot through her as she gripped my wrist with both of her much smaller hands.

“Please,” Arianna gasped, her claws biting into my wrist, “please give me everything! I want— Ahhh!”

Her back arched and her body shuddered against mine as I slid several more inches of my tail into her. I felt her gush around my cock and tail alike, sending me well over the edge. I buried myself deep inside of her, my body tensing and my toes curling as I obliged her desperate pleas. My gasping sounds of pleasure only seemed to excite her more, and within seconds she was urging me for more.

Not for hunger.

Not because of my status.

But because she truly desired me.

“Let’s see how much more you can take before you break.” I leaned over to whisper against her lips.


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