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Chapter Thirty-Eight: Hunger

Posted in Book Three, and Of Astral and Umbral

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Hunger


Relax, Arianna.” Nalithor caught me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “The more frustrated you become, the more you will have to compensate for your tails. Try—

“Alala, that is not helping!”

“Fucking hells!” I yowled, attempting to pull my tails out of Alala’s mouth. “That hurts! Let go!”

“But I wanna play, and you’re both ignoring me!’

“We’re not ignoring you. We’re—” I blinked at Alala and then pointed down at her. “I heard you.”

I wriggled out of Nalithor’s grip to kneel on the cave floor and then nudged Alala’s nose with one finger. She warbled at me and then moved to chomp on me, revealing her bloodied fangs. Before I could snatch her, she scampered across the cave floor and out of reach. I growled and moved to chase after the mischievous fox but Nalithor caught me by one of my tails.

“Oh no you don’t.” Nalithor reeled me over to him and then lifted my injured tail so that he could heal it. “Alala, that was much too hard. You can’t bite either of us as hard as you do your siblings or parents.

‘Ugh, am I turning into an animal?’ I whined to myself. ‘Why does it feel good when he handles my tails?’

“Ari, why are you walking so funny?” Alala scampered over to me and pounced on one of my other tails. Nali I’m hungry!”

“Unlike the two of you, I am not used to having a tail!” I huffed, crossing my arms.

“I thought you wanted to play, Alala?” Nalithor inquired.

‘I’m kind of hungry too, but—’ I ducked instinctively and hid my face in Nalithor’s chest when a crack of thunder echoed through the cave. “Fucking hells that was loud!”

“Awww, poor thing.” Nalithor purred, bringing a hand up to massage one of my ears. “Shall we continue this inside? Perhaps you can entertain Alala while I make dinner.”

“Dinner?” I caught myself leaning into Nalithor’s hand, purring. “Hey, I told you I’m not an—”

“So soft.” Nalithor leaned down to nuzzle the back of one of my ears briefly. “Come along, you two. Let’s get inside where it’s quieter.”

Alala leapt into my lap the moment Nalithor scooped me into his arms. “Tummy, tummy, scratch my tummy!”

“Why can I hear you now?” I nudged the wriggling fox’s stomach. “And have you always been so demanding?”

“You have no idea,” Nalithor muttered dryly, shaking his head.

“You have enough power to hear me now that you got your shiny back!” Alala warbled almost non-stop while I scratched her belly. “Why don’t you want him petting your ears, Ari? It’s really nice!”

“Because I’m not a—” I flinched and covered both of my ears when thunder roared through the cave again.

“Arianna doesn’t want to admit that she likes the attention.” Nalithor chuckled as he nudged the cottage door open and then carried us inside. “However, it does strike me as strange that we are both growing stronger now that our hearts are ‘separated’.”

“Well, I doubt they’re meant to be carried together within one person.” I prodded Nalithor’s chest. “Maybe they were canceling each other out to some extent? Then again, you’ve been gradually gaining power the entire time I’ve been Below.”

‘Attune to Eoraso once you’ve appeased Alala.’ Nalithor set me down in the sitting room and shot me a smile. ‘If you still wish to work on your shifting… It may be different for you, but for me it feels similar to when we hide our divine jewelry or Brands.’

‘I’ll try.’ I caught Nalithor by his wrist when he reached for my ears. ‘You’re far too amused by this form.

‘And you are not fooling me. I know you enjoy the attention—otherwise I would not do it,’ Nalithor countered, smirking. ‘I won’t be long. See if you can wear Alala out, will you? Just watching her makes me feel tired.’

‘I know the feeling.’ I grimaced, watching as Alala ran back and forth between two couch cushions. ‘Hey! Would you want me petting your ears like that?!’

‘My ears aren’t meant for petting—these are.’ Nalithor tugged at the tips of both my ears and then danced out of reach when I swatted at him. ‘If you want to convince me that you do not enjoy it, then figure out how to shift to your other form.

‘Although… Your Adinvyr form has plenty for me to play with as well.’

Nalithor grinned and caught the fireball I lobbed at him. He tossed it up and down a few times and then extinguished it. Before I could throw another one at him, he disappeared in an implosion of shadows. I growled a few curses under my breath and then turned my attention to Alala.

How she managed to run so fast, and turn so sharply, between two small couch cushions was beyond me.

“Alala, do you ever run out of energy?” I sighed, catching the young fox and then lifting her in front of my face. “What do you want to play, anyway? Chasing you around is out of the question right now.”

“No chase?” Alala wriggled her butt as if it would get me to let her go. “Tails aren’t difficult! You ran from Nali while in full fox form. You should be able to handle having a tail!”

“That…was more instincts than anything else. I was startled,” I replied, sighing at her. “How about you play with your ball, hmmm? Maybe one of your stuffed toys?”

“Will you throw them for me?” Alala warbled and then licked my nose, her blue eyes wide.

“Now that I can do!” I replied with a crooked grin. “Just please don’t bite my tails like that again?”

“You two-legged things are so fragile!” Alala huffed. “Momma and Daddy don’t even flinch when we play with their tails!”

“Well, unlike Shir and Gari, Nalithor and I aren’t Guardians,” I pointed out dryly before setting Alala down beside me. “We aren’t as tough as you! Plus, Nalithor’s tail is…different. You should know that Adinvyr tails aren’t like fox tails.

“Didn’t you get into trouble with most of the Adinvyr in Sihix?”

“No idea!” Alala shook herself from her nose to the tip of her tail. “I wanna play with Scruffles!”

‘She really is still just a kit,’ I mused before reaching into my shrizar to fetch the stuffed purple kitten named ‘Scruffles’. After checking it over for any rips, I threw it across the room for her.

“Yippee!” Alala went running after the toy.

A smile touched my lips as I watched Alala pounce on the toy. It didn’t bounce or squeak but the little fox didn’t seem to mind. Tossing the toy kitten into the air and then chasing after it, pouncing it, shaking it, and then throwing it again seemed to be enough for her. I was impressed that she could make so much noise and focus on tracking Scruffles all at the same time.

‘I guess she can multitask better than I can.’ I stretched out on my stomach on the couch and hugged a pillow. ‘Hmmm, attune to Eoraso huh? Or should I work on shifting first in case Alala stops amusing herself?’

I glanced to the side at Alala, watching as she went flying across the room after Scruffles again. At that speed, she was likely to knock something over. ‘Shifting it is… Similar to hiding my jewelry or Brands, he said?’

After sinking into the pillow with a small purr, I double-checked on Alala and then closed my eyes. It was a matter of seconds before she tossed Scruffles at me, hitting me square in the side of the head. Growling, I leapt off the couch, pinned Alala to the floor, and began tickling her stomach and sides. When she finally wriggled out of my grasp, I tossed her toy kitten across the room and watched her chase after it again.

‘Not going to get anything done with such a demanding fluff ball around.’ I went to sit down and then recoiled when my tails attempted to bend upward at their bases. ‘Damn it! How am I supposed to get comfy?’

“Again, again!” Alala barreled into my stomach and flailed her tail in too many directions, too quickly, to track.

Perhaps half an hour later, Alala grew bored of me and went running through the house with Scruffles clamped in her mouth, leaving me alone in the sitting room. I pulled myself to my feet and swayed in place while my tails swished behind me. Compensating for the movements of nine of the damn things seemed near impossible. The first few steps were easy because my tails clumped together and swished in unison when I walked—but as soon as I consciously noticed that, they started doing their own damn thing.

‘Dehsul!’ I slammed my knee into the edge of the doorframe when I stumbled, sending lances of pain reverberating through my leg. ‘Broken? No…no, don’t think it’s broken. Would hurt even worse right? Ugh. Balance, balance—’

“C’mere, you.” Nalithor’s chuckle and the sudden appearance of his darkness coiling around my waist startled a yelp out of me. “Didn’t you hear me calling you to dinner?”

“No, I didn’t!” I tugged at the shadows as he carried me down the hall with them. “How am I supposed to learn to walk with tails when you insist on carrying me everywhere?”

“You should learn how to shift first.” Nalithor carried me straight past the kitchen and toward the bedroom. “Seeing as your forms have a different number of tails, I assume you will need to learn to walk with each of them.”

“Dinner? In here?” I questioned, pointing at the two trays of food sitting on top of the mattress.

“The chairs in the kitchen are far too uncomfortable even with one tail.” Nalithor ran a hand down the length of my clustered tails. “I though you would be more comfortable in here. This way, you can curl up in a way that won’t squash your fluff.”

Nalithor deposited me on the bed and then walked around the opposite side, leaving me to rearrange myself as I pleased. It took some experimentation, but I managed to find a contorted position where I could balance my tray of food on my hip and prop my torso up on the pillows. While it wasn’t comfortable, per se, it worked in the sense that my tails were safe from being crushed.

‘Not safe from that one however…’ I glanced at Nalithor and watched for a moment as he petted my tails with one hand and ate his dinner with the other. “So, how long did the Elders give us before we have to move on from here?”

“I never said—” Nalithor sighed, a small smile on his lips. “Well I suppose you did hear how angry she was.”

“They don’t exactly have a reputation for treating us favorably, either.” I motioned at him with my fork. “You also mentioned something about ‘if’ we can stay here for a while. I got the impression you were concerned about more than just my magic, forms, and heart.”

“We have their ‘permission’ to look into what changed the Vulei River and to make contact with the Zehylor on behalf of the Vorpmasian Empire.” Nalithor sighed and drew his claws along one of my tails. “However, we’ve been ordered to refrain from using ‘foreign technology’ unless in dire need of shelter—such as shelter from the storm raging outside.

“As soon as it passes we are expected to move on in search of our quarry.”


“…and we have been forbidden from pursuing the Exiles.”

“Hmmm, interesting,” I mumbled around my fork. “The ones who should be most against the Exiles are the ones telling us not to hunt them?”

“Except you and I both know full well that they are not the Elders,” Nalithor stated, settling a firm look on me. “Elders should be impervious to the effects of beast blood and have no desire to use it. Your Godslayer did kill the bastard when the replica could not, but that—”

“Of course, I never said they’re not gods.” I lifted my now-empty tray off my lap and set it on the nightstand. “We should still be careful. Even if they aren’t the Elders, they’re still fulfilling that role—particularly in the eyes of the public.”

“You’re not one to be careful.” Nalithor pointed out as I shifted to face him. “How did you anticipate the bastard attacking us? I didn’t sense his murderous intent until he was already upon us.”

“Ah… I smelled him.” I tilted my head. “Recognized his scent from Limbo since he— Nalithor? Where are you going?”

“When he said that he had ‘failed before’, he was referring to what happened to you in Dauthrmir?!” Nalithor snarled and pulled himself out of bed. “I’ll see to it that not even the smallest scrap of his corpse is recognizable!”

“Not so fast!” I caught Nalithor by his arm, tugged him onto his back, and then straddled him to keep him from going anywhere. “It’s still storming, I don’t want to be alone, there’s no telling what the Elders did with his body, and we can’t trust that the female Elder won’t come looking for more trouble.

“You’ve crossed one Elder off our list of ‘problems’ to kill. Further mangling his corpse won’t do any good.”

“He should be torn apart for…” Nalithor growled a stream of Draemiran curses and dug his claws into my hips in a half-hearted attempt to remove me.

“I approve of the gesture, but the bastard is already dead.” I traced my fingertips down Nalithor’s chest and watched the way he shivered each time my claws grazed his skin. “We need to stick together and I, for one, don’t want to brave the storm unless we have to. You can always torture the next one on the ‘list’.

“Now then, can I get up without the risk of you running off, or…?”

I trailed off as Nalithor’s gaze drifted down to my throat and his pulse quickened beneath my hands. A low growl rumbled in his throat as he smoothed his hands up my torso, dislodging my nightie. Power and lust spilled out from behind his barriers for a brief moment before he reined himself in. A frustrated sound escaped him when he averted his gaze from me.

“Well?” I tugged on the front of his robes. “Now that I’m stuffed on your tasty cooking I would like to go take a bath. However, if you’re going to dart off somewhere—”

“I won’t leave you on your own,” Nalithor interjected, reaching up to trace his fingers down my throat and then along my shoulder. “If there’s even the slightest possibility that one of the Elders may come here and harm you… I intend to be here to stop them.

“Go take your bath. I have some reading to do.”

“You don’t want to join me?” I tilted my head, smiling when I saw him pause and a slight flush rise to his face. “Aw, and I was just starting to get used the company too.”

“Tempting, but no. I don’t need another bath quite yet.” Nalithor gripped my ass in both hands and gave it a firm squeeze. “Off with you—before I change my mind and decide to put off my work.”

“Suit yourself.” I leaned down and kissed him briefly on the lips before pulling myself off him.



“Don’t…take too long.”

I glanced over my shoulder at Nalithor but he had already summoned a stack of papers and begun reading. Shrugging, I steadied myself against the foot of the bed and then the wall as I made my way to the bathroom. Once the door was shut behind me, I leaned on the sink and peered at myself in the mirror, plucking at the tips of my vulpine ears.

‘White fur, brown hair. I’m not sure how I feel about this.’ I craned my neck around in a poor attempt to get a better look at my ears. ‘I hope Nalithor doesn’t think I look weird. Ugh. I know I sure think I look weird. Do I smell weird too?’

Shaking my head, I stripped off my clothing and then hopped into the shower. It seemed prudent to give my fur the same treatment as my hair. So, after some struggling and contorting, I managed to scrub each of my tails with shampoo and then conditioner. Ah…right. My other form. Should I try that too?”

A shiver ran down my spine and made me pause mid-reach for one of my tails. Nalithor’s power and desire seemed to come out of nowhere. It was so intense that I struggled to breathe for a moment. My body grew hot and I swayed in place while attempting to calm myself. His hunger disappeared as suddenly as it came, but my arousal didn’t leave with it.

‘Tch. He’s trying to hide his hunger?’ I bit my lower lip hard and leaned against the shower wall. ‘If he’s so hungry, he could just ask if I’d let him…’

I shook my head hard and attempted to clear my thoughts. It wasn’t the time for me to be thinking about either of us feeding. Shifting was what I needed to work on. At the very least, I wanted to sleep in a form that had only one tail.

‘Though, the horns could be a problem?’ I tilted my head in thought. ‘Maybe I should’ve been more insistent about joining me. Playing with him in the bath would’ve been more fun than taking a shower alone…

‘Damn it. Not helping.’

Several frustrating minutes passed while I tried to shift to my Adinvyr form. It felt close and yet remained just out of reach, taunting me. When I did finally manage to shift, I just stared down at my tail in disbelief.

That was a feeling I knew well. The sensation coursing through my tail was very obviously arousal. I had no doubt that’s what it was, but I hadn’t thought that a female Adinvyr’s tail would mimic a male’s in that regard.

‘So, I wasn’t imagining it when I fed on Nalithor…’ I hesitated to lift my tail. ‘Hmmm, if it’s erogenous, does that mean it hurts like hell if it gets kicked or stepped on?’ I shook my head hard. ‘Let’s not find out. Get clean, dry off, try not to fall on my as…those are what’s important right now.’

Thankfully, controlling my Adinvyr tail was much simpler than y Rylthra tails. Perhaps it was because there was only one, or perhaps it was some remnant of muscle memory from childhood. Whichever it was, it didn’t help quite as much as I would have liked. Balance was still an issue as soon as I tried to walk.

The length of the tail didn’t help either; it was just as long as I was tall.

After drying off, I tiptoed out of the bathroom nude. I was much too hot to pull on pajamas or a nightie—but I also had something else in mind.

Nalithor, to my great displeasure, didn’t notice me when I walked out of the bathroom. He seemed completely absorbed in the information of whatever he was reading.

‘Hmmm, should I bother him or…’ I inched over to the bed and climbed onto the bed as silent as I could. ‘Smells good.’

I crawled across the bed, over to Nalithor, and curled up against his side. I bit back a purr and nuzzled into his shoulder. The Adinvyr still didn’t stir, causing me to pout for a moment, unsure how best to grab his attention. The sound of paper rustling made me glance to the side, only to find that Nalithor as just shifting to the next page. I didn’t want to startle him or interrupt his work, but…I wanted his attention.

Especially after the hunger I sensed from him.

Nalithor’s pulse quickened when I pressed my lips against his skin and trailed kisses along his throat. He growled, gripped my hip, and then paused when his hand met nothing but skin. I slid one leg over his and nuzzled closer while dancing my fingertips across his chest. A small victorious smirk crossed my face when I heard his papers disappear and his throat rumbled beneath my lips with a growl.

“You can’t possibly be hungry already.” Nalithor groaned, catching my wrist when I slid my hand under his robes. “What are you scheming?”

I’m not the one who’s hungry.” I nipped at his earlobe. “You must be quite famished for your control to be slipping…”

“You know that and you’re still teasing me?” Nalithor’s tone was unreadable but his grip on my wrist loosened.

“I had to get your attention somehow,” I informed him innocently. “Besides, what’s so strange about your ayraziis offering herself as food, hmmm?”

“You still shouldn’t tease me.” Nalithor sighed. “As you said, I’m hungry. We are always interrupted. AS such, you shouldn’t—”

“And who is going to interrupt us here of all places?” I purred, pulling my hand fully from his grip so that I could smooth it down his torso. “Kill them if they dare.

“You’re free to ‘break’ me any way you like.”

That seemed to be the invitation Nalithor needed. Every ounce of hunger and desire broke free of his barriers in an instant and lured me into the maelstrom of his lust. He rolled me onto my back and pinned me beneath him, his mouth meeting mine.

I was drowning in Nalithor’s power and ravenous desire but I didn’t care—as long as he gave me more, and as long as he followed through.

A shudder ran through me when Nalithor slid a hand down my torso and to my crotch. I gasped, breaking out kiss, when his fingers found my clit and proceeded to tease it. Nalithor let out a husky chuckle into my skin while kissing down my throat, occasionally nipping at my flesh while I struggled to pull his robes off.

Patience.” Nalithor pinned my wrists above my head, his lips hovering above mine. “I intend to taste every inch of you, learn your weaknesses,” he paused and dipped down to bite the left side of my neck, earning a whimper,” and commit them to memory. You make the most exquisite sounds. I intend to pull them from you again, again, and again.”

“But— Ahhh, not fair!” I gasped when he sank his fangs into me and his hand returned to massage and tease my groin, taking care not to graze me with his claws.

Nalithor withdrew from my throat and kissed me again, his bloodied tongue delving past my lips to explore my mouth. Another whimper escaped me when I tasted his blood. I wanted more. More of him, more of his blood, more of his power. He knew how to use his fingers to pull me deeper into his lust and didn’t hesitate to do so.

They weren’t anywhere near enough. I needed him out of his damned clothes so that he could take me.

“So greedy.” Nalithor nibbled at my lips, mirth in his eyes, before disappearing down my torso. “Mmm… Adinvyr form or not, you’re quite susceptible to my desire, aren’t you?”

I opened my mouth to make a snappy retort but all that came out was a shuddering moan when Nalithor sucked my nipple into his mouth. When his teeth clamped down on the base, my mind forgot everything aside from pleasure for several long seconds. His tail brushed along my slit while I writhed beneath him. He released my nipple and rolled his tongue over it, devious laughter rumbling in his throat.

“This can’t be your real weakness, can it?” Nalithor nibbled his way over to my other breast and laughed again when I squirmed. “Going after my robes again, my dear? You could always beg me if you want me undressed so desperately.

“Mmm… I could just bind your hands out of the way. However, I had planned to save that for later.”

“Bind? Later?” I bit my lower lip hard and tried to stifle myself when Nalithor began teasing my other nipple. I tried not to writhe, or at least dampen my reaction to some degree, but he wasn’t having any of that.

Being an Adinvyr, Nalithor had access to my lust-filled thoughts and inclinations. It made it impossible to hide anything from him—not that my control was the best to begin with.

“You almost came from that?” Nalithor teased, sitting back on his heels. He reached up to remove his robes and pulled my legs further agape with his tail, studying me. “What an amusing toy I’ve found myself with. Let’s see…”

“Stop teasing me and—”

“Do you think I should stop?” Nalithor asked innocently, flicking his tail over my clit. “Perhaps you’ve had enough?”

“Are you trying to drive me insane?” I did my best to glare at him when he grinned.

“I would argue that we are both already quite insane—or at least crazed,” Nalithor responded, tossing his robes aside. “Mmm… Let me put it another way.

“Would you like me to break you?”

“Y-yes, break me,” I stuttered, unable to keep the desperation from my voice.

“Mmm, you should say please.” Nalithor purred, pinning me again and nuzzling into my throat.

Please break me, fuck me, take me, screw me—whatever the hells you want to call it!” I snapped, earning a chuckle. Before I could continue, I let out an involuntary squeak in response to him pinching my clit.

“That’s better, at least. A start,” Nalithor mused before kissing down my torso. He gripped my thighs and spread them far apart once he’d ventured lowered. “Ohhh… You have quite the pretty one, don’t you?”

He didn’t give me a chance to question what he meant. Nalithor had me writhing mindlessly on the mattress again in seconds. I was almost unable to withstand his tongue teasing along my slit. When he sucked my clit into his mouth I lost any chance at feigning control. His fingers and tail traveled up my thighs, soon pulling apart my folds so that he could lap deeper.

I lost track of how many times he made me come with his mouth, fingers, and tail. All I could do was try to catch my breath between orgasms. A light layer of sweat had already coated my body but I knew we were far from done. Somewhere amidst our combined lust I could still sense Nalithor’s hunger.

He was far from sated and, somehow, so was I. I felt as though I should have been exhausted but his attentions only served to make me more desperate for him to claim me.

Nalithor kissed his way up my torso while I tried to regain my breath, giving each of my nipples a quick nibble before returning to my throat. He chuckled when just his fangs grazing my skin sent a shudder through my body. Instead of commenting, he shifted so that he was sitting with his back against the headboard and held me over his lap. My tail was sandwiched between my back and his chest. The sensation of something impossibly thick between my legs started me, making me glance down to find that Nalithor had me poised over the tip of his manhood.

“How am I supposed to fit that—” I looked over my shoulder at him and watched a crooked grin spread across his face.

“Since you’re in your Adinvyr form…you can take a good stretching,” Nalithor responded, his voice husky.

He tightened one arm around my waist, his other hand wrapped around the front of my throat as he pulled me into another deep kiss. His tail curled over my hip to tease my clit, making my pulse speed up once more with anticipation.

Our kiss was broken the instant Nalithor lowered me onto the tip of his dick. I gasped when it popped inside of me and consumed me with near-blinding pleasure. My back arched and my head lolled back against his shoulder as I tried, and failed, to contain both my whimpering and my writing.

Nalithor carefully adjusted his grip, moving his hands to the undersides of my thighs while holding me in place. Once satisfied with his grip, he slowly lowered me further, his chest rumbling behind me as I shuddered and moaned.

It was all I could do. Nalithor’s grip was so tight that I could barely struggle or writhe in my pleasure. I had to endure the agonizingly slow pace with which he chose to bury himself in me. It was maddening. I wanted to slam my hips down against his until I had as much of him in me as I could fit—and then some.

Yet he continued with his careful pace, heightening my anticipation and spinning my lust out of any hope of control.

“If you keep thinking like that…” Nalithor warned, his voice little more than a moan into my shoulder. “I may not be able to control myself either. So tight that I can’t even think straight…”

I coiled my tail around the length of his several times over, eliciting another deep moan from the Adinvyr. His cock twitched inside of me in response. Several agonizing moments later, Nalithor was completely buried inside of me. The mere thought was almost enough to send me over the edge. My senses were so heightened, so sensitized, that even his breath against my skin made me shiver with desire.

Nalithor, of course, sensed this. With a guttural growl, he began moving me slowly along his shaft, still refusing to give me the control to move my hips myself.

Whatever shreds of sanity I might have had left broke. I found myself begging Nalithor between moans—to give me more, to go faster, to let me ride him myself. His refusals continued no matter how I stroked and teased his tail with my own, no matter how well I begged, and no matter what sorts of noises I managed to draw from him. I couldn’t get him to relent.

“Godsdamnit, Nalithor! You’re driving me insane!” I gasped, digging my flaws into his forearms. “I told you I wanted you to break me! Fuck me like…like I belong to you! Like you’re my Master! Like—”

Ohhh?” Nalithor paused, his growl feral. “So those really are the sort of things you desire, my dear? And how have you been hiding such thoughts from me, hmmm?”

I bit my lip hard, my heart beating in my throat when I realized what my begging had implied. Nalithor’s own pulse had sped up in response and his grip had tensed, causing his claws to dig into my skin. His lust had multiplied, and I was his prey.

“Ask me properly and I—” Nalithor purred.

Please, Master, fuck me like I’m your personal toy!” I begged before he could even finish speaking.

Nalithor pushed me onto all fours and then gripped my hips, lifting them up again before burying himself in me again. He pounded me with the vigor I yearned for, his tail slinking along mine as I lost all control of myself—surrendered control to the only man I would have ever considered calling “Master”.

It was too much. Gloriously too much. I couldn’t do anything other than moan, whimper, and try to slam my hips back to meet him. My thoughts were cloudy. All that registered was pleasure as I gushed over his cock repeatedly and gasped for air between moans.

His hand wrapped around my throat while his other arm pressed over my lower abdomen and hips. A low sound between a moan and a growl escaped him as he squeezed my throat and pulled me back so that my back was flat against his chest while his cock was still nestled in me. I wanted to pull more of those sounds from him, but I was too far gone to invent ways to do so.

“Ahhh…you do make an excellent pet, don’t you?” Nalithor breathed into my throat and squeezed it again. He chuckled when I twitched around his cock in response. “And here I had tried so hard to pretend that I didn’t notice your ‘preferences’.”

“D-don’t…stop yet…” I managed to beg. “Master—”

I gripped his wrist with both hands when he began thrusting again, this time rougher than before. His grip was just tight enough to keep me in place and send shivers of excitement down my spine, yet loose enough that even my clouded mind registered that he was being careful with me.

Nalithor’s other hand shifted so that he could tease one of my breasts while still holding me in place. The feeling of fullness was somehow both satisfying and maddening at once. Somehow, I still craved more. So much more.

“Let’s see how hard you can come while being controlled—since it excites you so.” Nalithor’s devious tone made me shudder and whimper. “Come.”

My body was all too eager to oblige him. His grip on my throat wasn’t anywhere near enough to cut off the scream of pleasure I released when my muscles clamped down around the full length of his shaft so hard that it almost hurt. Nalithor shuddered, groaning, unable to contain himself as I came repeatedly. He released himself into me as I continued to spasm uncontrollably.

“Good girl,” Nalithor cooed, letting me collapse forward on the mattress to retain my breath. He stroked my back with one hand while waiting, patiently.

“Not…done yet?” I managed to ask between gasps for air, glancing toward his manhood. ‘How could he still possibly be…’

“I am an Adinvyr and I am hungry,” Nalithor answered, chuckling as he ran his hand down my back and then along my scaled tail. “We are far from done, my pet. Far, far from it…”


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